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Posts Tagged ‘safety products’

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Good Monday morning. I don’t know where you are, but in Texas it’s hotter than a June bug in a frying pan! I spent a couple of hours yesterday researching disaster and emergency websites and articles. I had no idea there were full-blown disaster plans implemented by many states, or that there were so many survivalists online. It was quite the educational experience.

Here are a few of what I found to be the best resources we all should have in case of emergency or disaster. September is National Preparedness Month, so let’s get a head start on making sure we are ready for whatever comes our way.

To show your appreciation for my hard work just leave a comment, showering me with your love and affection. (Ok, maybe that’s a bit much. Just let me know you like the list by commenting or tweeting this post.)

IT Business Edge has a great article here with disaster and emergency information and free resources for your online business, computers and websites.

Operation Hope is chocked full of free information, including downloads, to make sure you are prepared for anything.

Sea Coast Online discusses how disaster preparedness efforts in their area turn to citizens for help. (Great resources and information for everyone.)

This was the mother load. Shambles. net has a long list of links to articles and free resources to prepare you for disasters and emergencies.

Of course, there is yours truly, Health and Safety Source, with first aid kits and other emergency and disaster supplies at prices you wouldn’t believe. I was checking out the products and found that a small red emergency kit, just for basic first aid, was only $2.63. I had to do a double take. I thought what an inexpensive but awesome way ordering a bunch of these and handing them out to customers for any business was a great idea. Or maybe using them for a fundraiser.

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