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Posts Tagged ‘short hair’

Having short hair is no longer a thing for men only. Nowadays, it is easy to spot even women on fashion runways with short hairstyles. The interesting bit about short hairstyles is that it not only makes one look trendy, but also it is easy to maintain compared to the long hair. There is a vast collection of short hairstyles for women like u cut, shag cut, pixie cut, and the latest craze the asymmetrical bob hair cut among others. The asymmetrical bob medium length hair styles takes a lot of inspiration from the traditional bob cut. The interesting thing about short hair cut is that you can easily match any of them with your preferred hair type be it frills, straight, fuzzy or even curls. Let us have a brief review of some of the great short hairstyles.

Asymmetrical bob hairstyle

As said earlier it is the latest craze in town. It is deservedly repossessing its place that it held sometime in the 80s. The good thing about asymmetrical bob hairstyle is that its cut clearly highlights the beautiful facial features that are unique with different people. The interesting attribute of this style is that you get to choose the right style that fits you. You can easily do away with the side bangs if they do not impress you.

Pixie hairstyle

This kind of hairstyle is trendy and classy. This style is okay for almost any occasion. You can be the teacher in a classroom and quickly transform to a beautiful date within a short while. It is also a great style to wear during summer. It also has the great advantage of easy maintenance.

Shag haircut

The shag hairstyle got its name from the shaggy finish it possesses. One gets to choose the kind of hair type that she wants. The hair is set in layers with side bangs, full bangs, and wispy bangs. This is more of a haphazard style that is easy to make and maintain.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that, there are hundreds of fashionable hairstyles and it would definitely need hundreds of pages to discuss all of them here. Therefore, it is advisable to have good hairstylists that will positively advice you on the style that fits your personality.