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Posts Tagged ‘emo song’

Kid in the new era has their own fashion statement and the Goth look has always been around. However, there is a new genre called “Emo” that do not just look like Goths, they are the kids who are suffering from depression as well?

The word “Emo” means emotional that comes from some punk rock music. Some says they started this fad of fashion and the cause of depression due to the lyric of the band’s music. Anyhow, this “Emo” fad brought a lot alarm to the parents of these kids who are said to be committing suicide or cutting their wrist due to depression. How to Cope with Depression when you are surrounded by a melon collie fashion plus music that are full of hate for the world?

Emo kids hate the world

The “emo” kids are shouting for attention with their black outfights and dark make-ups. You can actually think that they are part of the Adams Family when you see them. But this is not yet the disturbing part since these kids are not only dark in fashion but also under depression. They hate the world as many of them says and the biggest problem are some reports that the “Emo” kids are committing suicide.

Some are found with a lot of bruises or cuts in their wrist or any part of their body. This is how they cope with their depression. These alarming facts about the “Emo” kids are to be given much more attention. It is wise for the parents to talk to their kids and give them positive outlook in life. Did the “Emo” kid forget about Peter pan?